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Beginner Friendly

In truths dealt For the essences Captured after That lifetime’s Period of rest Up! Pulling a life in like underwater breath to the surface It was about time

The drama’s word

The music’s note. Hanging on each end of the line for an interruption sublime. This terminal awakening: Always a guest in the author’s house of story. The author was always a guest anyways.

Vibrational Match

She describes in high tongue that which permeates all levels. It is a sign towards the beautiful, but complex. Complexities restart the efforts to light fires. Searing flashes are simple in feel and look, all in one sound: Love.

Do what?

Do what thou wilt. Said the sign High above My intellect sublime. Who put his here? Those trackers at bay: Never near me, Behind the words they say. It's a colossus seen by the seafarers lost, thinking that this will save them at all costs. Land upon it shores and soon find the terror of absolute freedom with no bind. I pass the sign, it as one star among the constellation, to double down on work handed to me in this station.

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