For hire in the 21st century

In the eyes of the modern company, the customer's struggle is viewed as fertile land, and the customer's finished services (and goods): their fruits. The company product is that which can sustainably improve the land. Competitors' tools must then be stopped from reaching said land. This is achieved by employing mercenaries. We will mention their origins in war, then view their use in the marketplace. In war, those for hire are seeking to employ combative skills in the name of a highest bidder. It is known they risk an instant death and will leave a struggle for their families. This raises the question: are they historically lower-class citizens who became combat specialists to leave (what is in their eyes) a terrible state? Right now, "yes" seems to be the answer. This question can be expounded upon and will in a later post. So two reasons of many come to mind concerning their decision: those that the mercenary leaves behind will be in the care of a governing body, and the mercenary has the opportunity to reach great influence given they win the majority of their battles. Modern company recruiting involves placing information in key sections of a geography. The latter is not merely two dimensional and covers the digital realm as well. The founders of said company generated that genuine, novel piece of information. Yet they alone do not have the resources to span all dimensions. Hence, this novel idea - it's potential now manifest with investors' money along with few customer sales - enables recruitment. Product, Support, Marketing, and all other departments of a company are both attack and defense outposts of information. An example of attack is Sales personnel cold-calling and is Product team delivering new features. An example of defense is Support teams aiding where positive information about the product is giving way to negative information. Life is not at intense risk when in the employ of a modern company (compared to the likes of being in actual war). In fact, the perks and benefits enhance life by degrees of magnitude. The bloody battlefield is now translated to ideas being erased on whiteboards. This modern mercenary must still be loyal as ever to the company's vision and growth, but he must be mindful of the shifting battleground. After all, the winners of information battles (e.g. a product implementation) receive the gold. Positive and negative information about the company and its competitors zoom around quickly in this 21st century.