Language is not reserved to the traditional sense - that of the differentiation between nations. Rather from here on language is to be synonymous with experience, study, and practice. Experience includes the witness of language. Study includes the memorization of vocabulary. Practice is applying the language. From dog training to weight lifting to chip design, we know that each use words from the traditional language and infuse context into them. This must occur for participants in disciplines to agree on the principles of said discipline. How can a discipline grow if each individual bickers over each word? We also know that pioneers of a field introduce new words that fit that field. These fields’ terms are a given, and the students - after discovering how the pioneer developed the term (i.e. the implementation of the term - use it for their purposes. The instruction of a discipline involves much practice. Practice can be simple and complex. Complex practice consists of exercises ... <tbc>

Classically, metal music has much to say that pushed...

... far away from society. It's more a symptom than a driver of rage. Though if one attends a show, it's not difficult to say metal is a channel for aggression and bad acting. Yet the words of some talented artists warn about a future where corruption is absolute, and maybe we should evaluate these frontiers of raw emotion as a light in the face of true evil.

Chief investigator

Novelty's game calls all players. It is evident in my life - any subject which has extraordinary sophistication requires me to appoint myself of chief investigator as to how this subject arrived to that high level. So some novel fields are investigated at hyper speed. Say, a droplet of information gives enough power to understand. However it is human to turn droplets of information into the biggest tide. The trick is reorganizing the dam to haul in the most power while I'm opening up that ludicrous amount of water. This trick is not silent in any field, in fact it is employed by all. Engineering is that trick - it requires an understanding of multiple definitions. And standing on these fundamental definitions I receive power; I rise in the field and contribute. Contributions differ per field. And it may not be a dam to be built but a scrawling on it, or maybe throwing a rock at it. Such is my poetry - it's the most chaotic structure to everyone outside the author's mind. Now, poetry itself is a medium for communities to organize around, but even so it is as ethereal as a momentary wind in a forest. Nonetheless, this poetry is stored in the library I always carry with me - my mind. And this contribution can be the droplet of information for someone else to create tides of knowledge.

Beginner Friendly

In truths dealt For the essences Captured after That lifetime’s Period of rest Up! Pulling a life in like underwater breath to the surface It was about time

I like to think Stack Overflow as the open-source encyclopedia...

... so, it is a living document. One interesting point: the natural disposition for communities to form is for each individual to have enough knowledge about a subject such that the individual will pose a new question for the community so everyone's experiences can be synthesized to form a new answer. And that's why I don't have enough rep to upvote anyone.

The drama’s word

The music’s note. Hanging on each end of the line for an interruption sublime. This terminal awakening: Always a guest in the author’s house of story. The author was always a guest anyways.

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